21 July 2013

Violet Box; July 2013

I received a dispatch email in the monring, so i knew my Violet Box was coming today, horrible, because I was sitting all through school just waiting til I could go home and see what goodies were waiting for me.
(My LHI box also arrived today but I'll save that for another post)

My first impression of the box itself was positive. It seemed like Violet Box had cared enough to listen to what their customers had had to say and while most loved last month's contents, the box itself has been unimpressive. So they improved it, maintaining it's sleek and modern theme but now studier and reusable.

[Back] Vouchers to use when buying from some of the brands online. 

(Pictures turned out a little weird. Too saturated..)

Admittedly, when I got over the joy of the improved box and opened it, I was unimpressed. It looked rather empty and the first thing I spotted was the lip gloss which I immediately disliked. (1. I don't like Model
Co. 2. I don't like lip gloss)

Then, when I actually examined the products I actually came to like this month's box.
Starting with my favourite...

Catalinageo Mascara

I love mascaras and this one comes with a refill. Super excited about this product.
The formula is nice but the brush seems rather generic, but those work, so, why not ?

Adorn Eyeshadow

My thoughts when I first saw this was 'Dirt?' but soon after, I realised that VB could not have chosen colours better for me. I'm a naturals girl and I love my mattes and neutrals.
I got the colours Quartz, a dark matte brown, and Jasper, a shimmery lighter brown.
The eyeshadows themselves, to be honest, were not amazing. They are not very pigmented and come off very easily. However, they are buildable.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

My initial thoughts were that this smelt nice. It doesn't have that irritating or sickly sweet smell a lot of these products seem to have.
The product itself comes out a little runny and does not resemble a mousse no matter how much I shook it, but the colour is nice and not streaky. 

Peony Eyecream

I have yet to try this out but I will edit this when I do.

I did notice though, that the cream ... deflated ? after a couple of minutes. Haha, weird.

Model Co. Lip Gloss

Meh. (:

Overall, I am happy with this month's box and Violet Box has proved that (so far at least) they can maintain a constant standard. VB has won over my other subscriptions again this month and I'm eagerly awaiting the next box.

t. x

21 June 2013

favourites of the month

Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick S in Caravan 001
Paul & Joe Face Colour in 13
Liole Mix Concealer
Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum
Ingrid Millet Paris Mascara in Very Very Black
Mika Ninagawa for Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse in Beige
Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Mousse in 01

Now, I don't know, I have my days. Recently though, I've been preferring really light makeup, even though that's usually my summer look. Normally in winters, I go for a heavier hand.
Maybe I'm lazy. Probably. I've found myself waking up later and later due to the cold, which is not good since I have school still, and therefore, this leaves me with less time to fix up my face. Also I'm in an exam period, so really, I can't be bothered.

So, I have resorted to using quick and easy products, that are 'wetter' (my skin is incrediably dry in the winter time), I guess, than my summer products.
Obviously BB cream is a staple in my routine. Quick, easy and simple. What's better, is that this is a mousse. Pump it out, rub it on and go. I use the Maybelline one most days, on the days I really gotta go, I'll just use the Shu Uemura one.
Exams = Stress + No Sleep. This is not a good equation. You know what it that equates to? Eyebags and dark circles. That's where concealer comes in. My concealer, I will always love you.
Eyeliner is next and Physicians Formula's Eye Booster is so good. It's nice and black and it has lash boosting serum. I swear, I've been using this for awhile now, and my eyelashes are (a little) longer. (v. little. but still.)
Mascara, not much to say, but again, Ingrid Millet's is 'very very black' and is nice and natural on the lashes, and doesn't flake or smudge on me.
Winter is also the.. no colour month, so I like to add some colour. I've been using P&J's really nice sheer pink and slightly shimmery lipstick that adds a little colour, and their bronzer, which I love, and have hit the pan on. )))): The bronzer has two colours, a warmer one and a cooler one. I use the warmer colour as a slight blush.

NOOOOO, Hit the bottom. )))))':
Cool and warm colour.

So, to summarise. I am lazy and I like easy, simple products. (For now at least... waiting for my exams to be over...) (You can also tell  got lazy writing this post towards the end. I apologise, I must write an essay and speech now..)

t xx

21 January 2013

Yeswalker [Shoe Review]

So, I'm pretty sure most all of you know Yesstyle.com. You have to, seriously it's huge. Well, if you didn't know, they opened up Yeswalker, a sister site that is focused on shoes and handbags. And amazingly I was offered a collaboration to try a pair of their shoes!

I chose the Chunky Heel Ankle Strap Platforms, They're a pair of super cute and vintage looking platform heels that are brown in colour. (Though, if you're tan like I am, they might match your skin tone, essentially becoming 'nude'.) The heels are 120mm high and the heels are really thick but the actual shoes are really light and surprisingly, incredibly comfortable given their height. (This is probably due to the extremely thick platform which eliminates the incline.) I'm pretty sure they run small though, so if you're going to pick up a pair for yourself, choose a size bigger if you aren't too sure. (I have huge feet, Size 39/40 depending of the make but these were size 40 and still a little bit tight.)
They definitely make a classy statement, great for a day or night out.

I love the detailing on the back, it just gives the whole shoe a more edgy feel. A modern twist to a classic, vintage looking heel.

 The straps on this I've never seen before. it's not like the normal straps where you slide one side into the buckle and put the little bar into the hole to secure it. Instead there's a hook which you hook around the strap and buckle and it stays in place. Easy! So convenient!

The hook catches onto the decorative buckle and stays there. You can still adjust the buckle for a comfortable fit !!
Overall, the shoes were awesome, the design was cute, comfort was good and it seems fairly durable. Mine came with this small hole in the heel but it's not too noticeable so its alright. The shipping was also pretty fast, arriving to Sydney, Australia in about two weeks. Normally, the majority of my overseas parcels come in three- four weeks.
I just really love the strap. Its ingenious. :D

The most awkward photo I've ever taken.

(Calf muscles peaking, ignore them please, went the the gym to lose weight, 
and instead I get huge calf muscles.. ): I also fell over, sooo I have bruises..)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them Yeswalker! I will definitely buy from you in the future!

Until next time. x

10 October 2012

Back to school..

So... I haven't posted in a very, very long time.. hahaha
Well, It's back to school for me, and I'm finally in my HSC year, not looking forward to this time next year... University exams. Gross.
Anyway, since we all knew that once we started our HSC year we would have to settle down and study, etc etc, (No choice, since I go to a selective school, and that means, it's all about the academics... ) for the last time ever, we would go crazy.
So here is a brief summary of the past two weeks, the last stress free holiday in a while.
(Photos are scarce since one of my friends who took lots of photos deactivated on Facebook ): and  another note, I'm not being vain by cropping the others out, that's just in case they don't want to be on here.. hahaha)

First event of the holidays worth mentioning was a get together at a friend's, pree cool, not so crazy just sat around and chilllllled.
Second event was so much fun ! It was the my old school's Year 11 Social, and it was just a night filled with crazy dancing on a cosy boat sailing on the Sydney Harbour. Can't post too many pictures cause you'll realise the extent of our retardedness..

The next event I hosted ! It was so fun, I kinda feel proud having organised such a large-scaled party ! The theme was White / Glow in the dark and we hired UV blacklights which made everyone glow. Over 100 people attended and it was super tiring but so fun !!
Looking kinda fat and tired from running around with prep. :$ awks.

Then during the weekend, I went on a road trip with my family, Woolongong on the Saturday and Canberra for the Floriade on Sunday.

Flowers. Flowers everywhere.

Then I had another social ! This one was for my current school, was also on a boat at Darling
Harbour. Was super fun, new shoes gave me blisters though, and those are never fun. ):
OOTN - outfit of the night. (;
My Jeffery Campbell's (Right)  + another pair of JC's ! ♥

Beautiful view !
Last but not least, (Definately not least !) on the last (weekday) of the holidays I went with a group of friends down to Bondi Beach ! But before that, we made a stop at the newly opened Sydney Topshop (+Topman) !! It was amazing. Just 4 floors of beautiful things.

Here we are being suspicious & sneaky while taking pictures cause we felt daggy in our beachwear. (:

Tiptoes cause I'm short. hahaha

Overall it was a pretty good last holiday. (: ( I did miss out on a friend's 21st though ! D: ) But, I think it'll last me awhile, I hope. Hahahah,
But for now.. Back to school..